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About Play Iceland

Are you fantasising about visiting the distant land of fire and ice? Do you find its glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes both mesmerising and mysterious? Are you curious about the wonders you might find here, at the edge of the world? That is exactly our mission. We are giving you a free ticket to visit Iceland right here on playieland.com

Play Iceland is a TV show that aims to turn the audience into travellers who will feel a dash of Iceland’s snow, history, and culture during 10 minutes of each episode. For a long time, Iceland has been one of the most popular touristic spots, seeing around two million tourists every year. What attracts them are outstanding landscapes, witnessing Aurora Borealis and experience the peace one can find among the intact highlands. Our goal is to transmit the energy and power of Iceland through the screens and make the audience closer to Iceland’s uniqueness and nature. 

Play Iceland will take you on a trip where where you will get to see the magnificent geysers, and discover unique places to visit not everyone knows about. We will boost your Icelandic knowledge and want to make you feel more confident with what you know about Iceland. Once you get the opportunity to visit Iceland, you will be proud of knowing where to go and what do without asking Google!

Finally, you will also get the opportunity to share your Icelandic adventure with us and the world! At the end of each video, we will play a video from one of our viewers that shows Iceland. 

If you have any questions or ideas, you can check our contact page.

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