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Elf Hill Road

    • Capital area (Reykjavik)
    • Myths of Iceland
    • Play Iceland
    • 1:16

Among the hypnotizing landscapes, peaceful arctic sceneries, and glaciers, there is the legend of elves and hidden people. Let us take you back in time, down the Elf hill road.
The story of Álfhólsvegur, elf hill road, will show you the deep connection between these myths and Icelandic society. Many Icelanders believe that the Elf hill in Kópavogur is home to three elves. In 1930, these elves’ determination stopped workers’ machinery and drills from laying a road over Álfhóll. And again, 50 years later, elves had to fight for their habitat when human houses were supposed to be built on top of it. Again the drills stopped working and the workers refused to disturb and go near the hill with any kind of machinery. The hill was eventually protected from any further disruptions by the government and to this day, the three elves are the only residents of Álfhólsvegur 102.

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