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No one deserves an unmarked grave

    • South
    • Once upon a time in Iceland
    • Play Iceland
    • 1:55

The story of the Danish boat ’’Annie’’ proves that Iceland is not simply a place with mysterious sceneries. It is also a source of enigmatic life journeys and harsh battles for survival.
Bjartmar, a tenor from Reykjavik, discovered the mystery of the stranded boat ’’Annie ii’’ while spending summers at his grandparent’s farm; Kálfafell, in south Iceland. His grandfather told him that back in 1942, he and a fellow farmer found a wrecked boat and two bodies next to it. The boat’s logbook revealed that there were six men aboard that left the port of Fleetwood on the 1st of January of 1940. Bjartmar’s grandfather and the farmers buried the men, but never found more information about Annie’s crew. However, determined to discover the identities behind the unmarked graves, Bjartmar started his own research in 2012. After a long investigation, he found out that Annie was a Danish boat, and he discovered the names of every crew member and where they were from. With a lot of help from people in his Facebook group, Kutter Annie, Bjartmar was able to contact the families of the crew members who finally found out what happened to their loved ones, decades after their ship went missing at sea. Bjartmar has also identified one of the men in the grave as Ole Larsen, the captain of Annie ii. He was born on the 15th of December in 1896 and was married to Annie Larsen. He named the boat after her, but she sadly passed away without knowing what became of her husband. The other man in the grave is yet to be identified but Bjartmar has not given up and is determined to put a gravestone with two names on the unmarked grave in Kálfafell cemetery.

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