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Play Iceland – the first episode!

    • 10:00

Play Iceland is a TV show about Iceland. We release new episodes every Tuesday and Friday and share stories about Icelandic nature, people, culture, language and everything you might want to see or do in Iceland. We love to share stories from travellers so don’t hesitate to send us your video.

In this episode:
– A fierce golden waterfall called Gullfoss
– A grave with no name in South Iceland
– The truth about Icelandic tap water
– The ever-changing weather in Iceland.
– an awesome video made by Tarek Saghrou on his travels in Iceland.

In this episode we hopefully madkee you curious, thirsty for icelandic water, and awake the inner Icelander in you.

In the next episode we’ll show you a powerful glacier that inspires movie makers and tell you all about the elves that saved their hill from being destroyed.

If you want to share your story, visit playiceland.com and send us your video.

Let’s play Iceland!

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