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Do you know what Batman Begins, Interstellar, and The Game of Thrones have in common? Let me give you a few hints before you embark on an IMDb research. They all have an eerie atmosphere that often manifests in frosty and gloomy sceneries. If your answer is: filming locations, you are spot-on!
All three have scenes that were filmed at Vatnajökull. Indeed, this glacier has for a long time been an inspiration for movie producers and anyone seeking grandiosity and a mysterious environment.
Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland and one of the largest in Europe. The fact that its average thickness is 500 meters and that it covers eight percent of Iceland’s total landmass, depicts how majestic it is.

The story of Vatnajökull starts thousands of years ago. The snow had the main role in its formation. The blend of fresh and melted snow turned into blocks of ice pellets. These layers of ice grew and became thicker, which made them merge into one piece of solid ice. And even if it looks still and calm it flows like a river over time.
Throughout the ages battles between fire and ice have been fought underneath Vatnajökull. The glacier hides active volcanoes under its ice cap. One of them, Grímsvötn, erupted in 2011, which was the strongest eruption in a 100 years.

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