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Weather talk

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Throughout the ages, almost everything in Iceland has been dependent on the weather. You might even say Icelanders are obsessed with the topic.
The weather obsession comes from the time when the fishermen and sailors lives depended on it. They were glued to their radio sets, waiting for the latest weather forecast and it was one of the most popular radio shows in the country.
Óveður, illviðri, hrakviðri, hroði, slagveður, slarkveður, vonskuveður, fárviðri, aftakaveður, bálviðri, foráttuveður and mannskaðaveður are a few examples that all mean bad weather. For good weather: “bongóblíða” is the word to remember.
The fluctuations in Iceland’s weather mean that you can never know what to expect, and you better bring different clothing. Winters are especially unpredictable – to the point of a sunny day quickly becoming chilly and wet. Therefore the weather has a great impact on Icelandic living.
A good way to impress an Icelander is to learn the icelandic phrase:’’Hvernig er veðrið’’, which means ’’How is the weather?’’

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